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Keringet Estates

Keringet Estates
             Space, privacy, tranquillity '&' security in a protected and enhanced environmental setting


A small slideshow of the main Keringet home and our first finished demonstration home plus some property views.
If you would like to see a video of the grounds including the Waterside villa click here.


  • Pool deck at night
  • Pool deck
  • Pool deck-2
  • Summer bedroom (2)
  • banda2
  • Bathroom sabine
  • Bathroom sabine-2
  • Bathroom sabine-3
  • Cliff banda
  • Cliff top banda
  • Cliff top pool
  • Dining Room-1
  • Dining Room-2
  • Kitchen
  • Master bathroom-1
  • Master bathroom-2
  • Master bedroom
  • An arial view of Keringet Villa
  • A view up the fairway to the villa
Pool deck at night1 Pool deck2 Pool deck-23 Summer bedroom (2)4 banda25 Bathroom sabine6 Bathroom sabine-27 Bathroom sabine-38 Cliff banda9 Cliff top banda10 Cliff top pool11 Dining Room-112 Dining Room-213 Kitchen14 Master bathroom-115 Master bathroom-216 Master bedroom17 An arial view of Keringet Villa18 A view up the fairway to the villa19